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Weekly Newsletter 28 May 08
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Our News - 28May08 - We would like to thank our new Mayor, Gregory Ballard, his new Deputy Mayor, Olgen Williams and the new Director of ReEntry Khadijah Muhammad for forming the first of its kind "Task Force on ReEntry" for the City of Indianapolis.  I was asked to be part of this new Task Force that was formed to develop collaborative partnerships among government, businesses, service providers, faith based organization and community members to reduce recidivism by leveraging resources, ensuring sustainability and enhancing crime prevention strategies in both a measurable and long range fashion.   The Mayor's Office has put together a very impressive and diverse group of persons and organizations from every level of our community.  I believe we had a very good first meeting, and am looking forward to working with this new Task Force on this very important matter over the coming months. Thank you Mayor Ballard, Olgen & Khadijah.  Don Hawkins.
Our Quick Reference Page - Our Quick Reference (F.Y.I.) page is as complete as we can get it without your help.  This single source contains information on everything from Adoption, Aids/HIV to Victim Assistance & Voters Registration.  This page is meant to help you find information, goods, services and forms fast.
If you have anything to add to this page, or you find something wrong on the page, please send me an email.
Our Web Site - If you have not already done so, please visit our Homeless & ReEntry Helpers Web Site at www.ReEntryHelpers.com.
Our Events Calendar - Unlock the Mystery - Hosted by the Indiana Department of Correction - Dates: June 23-25, 2008 - Location: Adams Mark Hotel at the Airport - Workshop focusing on: Mentally Ill Offenders, Sex Offenders, Substance Abusing Offenders - Click on Web Page for more information
If you have any upcoming events that you want to tell others about in our industry, please email us your information and we will add it to our "Events Calendar" on our web site.  Plus a link to our Events Calendar is always included in all of our Weekly Newsletters.
Our Purpose - Our web site is being designed to serve three purposes: 1) a public information directory for persons in need of information on where to get goods and services; 2) a networking tool (Community Bulletin Board) for case managers & service providers to share their information (services, meetings, events, etc.); and, 3) a private information directory for; case managers, specialists, probation officers, chaplains, suppliers of jobs, housing, etc. to find who needs what, and where it is needed.
If you have goods and/or services that can benefit others in need, including your time and talent, please let us know and we will try and Help you Help others.  Thank, You, Please call Don Hawkins at 317-547-0500 or email me at: Hawkins@ReentryHelpers.com.
Volunteers, Teachers, Tutors (Helpers) Wanted - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our prisons in Indianapolis, Plainfield and Pendleton are in need of persons that can serve "inside" the prison system as Mentors, Teachers and Tutors.  If you would like to be a volunteer/Helper, please give us a call at 317-547-0500, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. for additional information, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. Volunteer Form.
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