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Weekly Newsletter 16 June 08 - www.IndianaHelpers.com
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Editors Note -
We have had several people ask us the last few months, who we are, and why are we offering this web site.  To make a long story short, my name is Don Hawkins and I own a business called Other Peoples Properties, LLC of which we offer another web site that helps investors buy and sell their investment properties.  I am also a General Contractor.  I was a H.O.P.E. Team Member for several years of which I left on the 8th of March of this year and I do not have any further affiliation of any kind.  For the last two plus years, I have been part of a Bible study group Hands of Hope Ministries, Inc. at the Plainfield Correctional Facility (PCF), and I have been one of Judy Helms' mentors since just after the Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF) opened.  After Ms. Boyd asked me to sit in for her at one of the Plainfield Community Advisory Board Meetings, Superintendent Mike Lloyd asked me to serve on the Community Advisory Board as an individual, I accepted, and the rest, as they say is history.  Except that, last month Khadijah Muhammad the new Director of ReEntry, asked me to serve on Mayor Ballard's new Task Force for ReEntry of which I am looking forward to working with her, and Olgen Williams, the new Deputy Mayor.  Why we are offering this web site, is outlined on the front of our web site (Our Problem - Our Solution).  Plus, I am an ExOffender.
Our News -
Nothing new to report. - If you have any NEWS that you think everyone else in our industry should  know about, please let us know.
Our Quick Reference Page -
Our Quick Reference Page is as complete as we can get it without your further help.  This "Single Source" information page contains information on over 140 TOPICS from Adoption, Aids/HIV to Victim Assistance & Voters Registration.  It is meant to help you find basic information on goods, services, and information - FAST.  If you have anything to add to Our Quick Reference Page, or you find something wrong on the page, please send me an email.  Thank you.
Our Events Calendar -
18Jun08 - Road to ReEntry - Marion County Town Hall Meeting - The Indiana Department of Correction is having a Town Hall Meeting at the Martin University Gathertorium, 2171 Avondale Place between 5:00 and 6:30 PM - This is your opportunity to help us redefine prisoner ReEntry in Indiana.  In partnership with the counties and ReEntry organizations we can find solutions together.  Join us in this commitment, and demonstrate your support by attending this important meeting.  Click on: PDF Flyer for further information

23-25Jun08 - Unlock the Mystery - Hosted by the Indiana Department of Correction - Location: Adams Mark Hotel at the Airport - Workshop focusing on: Mentally Ill Offenders, Sex Offenders, Substance Abusing Offenders - Click on Web Page for more information
26Jun08 Circle City Fatherhood Coalition, Christamore House & Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic - Presents: How to Expunge a Felony From Your Work Record. Please attend this important workshop!!!  | Attendance is Free and Open to the Public | Thursday the 26th of June from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at Christamore House, 502 N Tremont (On the corner of Michigan &Tremont) Separate fact from fiction. Find out how to remove those felonies from your work record. Learn your rights! Call 317-636-0664 for more details.  Click on: PDF Flyer for their flyer
Our Jobs Fair Calendar -
Don't know of any this week, no one sent me anything.  If you know of any job fairs in the coming weeks, please let us know so we can post them on our web site.
Research & Reference Info -
Need information on the Homeless or ReEntry, Click on: Our Research & Reference Page
Our Needs -
The Pendleton Correctional Facility has immediate needs for volunteers that can teach musical instruments, and any kind of musical Instruments you may have that are still in good working order that you may want to donate to the prison - they are also looking for all types of arts and crafts supplies for their Arts and Crafts classes.

Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF) is looking for all types of nursery items for its new Nursery.  Click here for a PDF Flyer with information and a list of items needed - PREF Flyer for the Nursery
Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF) is looking for men's cloths - Shirt, pants, shoes, etc. - Especially the larger sizes XL and 2XL.  Click here for a PDF flyer for Clothing
Volunteers, Teachers, Tutors, Mentors & Instructors (Helpers) Wanted -
WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our prisons in Indianapolis, Plainfield and Pendleton are in need of persons that can serve "inside" the prison system as Teachers, Tutors, Mentors and Instructors.  If you would like to be a volunteer (Helper), please give us a call at 317-547-0500, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. for additional information, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. Volunteer Form.
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