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Good News Family Shelter -

Address, City, State Zip 2801 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201 | View Map  HRH ID #: 166 
Main Office Phone | Fax 317-638-7064 317-263-9907 
Main Email Address cstephens@goodnewsministries.com
Web Site Address www.goodnewsministries.com
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Topics / Services Offered | _Homeless Directory | _ReEntry Directory | Clothes | Food, Meals - Breakfast | Housing, Shelters-Families | Housing, Shelters-Men | Housing, Shelters-Women
States | Counties Served Marion
Primary Services Provided Homeless families their own, fully furnished apartment with all the financial, educational, emotional, medical and spiritual support needed to make a complete recovery.
Secondary Services Provided
Eligibility | Requirements
Procedures | Fees By appt only
What We Have Available Now
Days | Hours of Operation
Bus Route(s)
Volunteers Needed
Supplies & Items Needed
Additional Information
1st Contact's Name | Title C Stephens
1st Contact's Main Phone | Fax
1st Contact's Cell | Home
1st Contact's Email Address cstephens@goodnewsministries.com
2nd Contact's Name | Title
2nd Contact's Main Phone | Fax
2nd Contact's Cell | Home
2nd Contact's Email Address
3rd Contact's Name | Title
3rd Contact's Main Phone | Fax
3rd Contact's Cell | Home
3rd Contact's Email Address
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